The Google Visualization API allows SVG, Flash, and Image charts and dashboards to be created based on data from a variety of sources. The charts/dashboards can be interactive, updated automatically, and included on web pages and web applications.


The Google Visualization API creates dynamic charts primarily in three different formats.


The following chart types can be embedded as dynamically-created SVG files:

Many of these charts are compatible with (Google Web Tools)

Adobe Flash

The following charts are created as Adobe Flash elements:

Static Images (deprecated)

The following charts are created as static images (PNG files):

These charts are officially deprecated and were phased out on April 20, 2015.


Data for the charts can be taken from sources such as or . They can also be taken from databases using , generated dynamically using or hardcoded as arrays or as objects.

Interactivity for the SVG charts can be customized using events and controls supported by the API.

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