Google's C++ testing framework based on xUnit that runs on multiple platforms.

GoogleTest is an open source unit testing framework developed by Google. Also, it supports unit testing of C code.

GTest (as it is commonly known) supports various platforms including Linux, OS X, Windows and Symbian. It provides basic unit testing features in the xUnit model in the form ASSERT_EQ() or EXPECT_EQ(), with automatic test registration. It also provides advanced features such as death tests, shuffling and sharding of tests, and Hudson/Jenkins-compatible XML output.

GTest integrates well with gmock, a C++ mocking framework.

There are two GTest related open source projects which can enhance the GTest user experience:

  1. Google Test UI --> provides a GUI for running gtest binary and displaying the results.
  2. GTest TAP listener --> Event listener for GTest based on TAP, for test result output.
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