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It is a race condition. Here is one example. You are launching 18x18 threads per block and 2x2 blocks. Example: ThreadA threadIdx.x = 10 threadIdx.y = 0 blockIdx.x = 0 blockIdx.y = 0 ThreadB threadIdx.x = 0 threadIdx.y = 0 blockIdx.x = 1 blockIdx.y = 0 Inside the kernel when you calculate: int tx=threadIdx.x int ty=threadIdx.y int ...


The only time you shouldn't do something on the GPU side is if you need the result (in easily accessible form) on the CPU side to further the simulation. Taking your example. If we assume you have 4 250KB meshes which represent a hierarchy of body parts (as a skeleton). Lets assume you are using a 4x4 matrix of floats for the transformations (64bytes) for ...

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