Grails is a web application framework that uses Groovy and Java. The framework is oriented around high-productivity application development, and uses common Java technologies such as Hibernate and Spring.

Grails is a coding-by-convention framework that leverages well-established Java frameworks (Spring, Hibernate) to allow programmers to quickly develop web applications. It touts features such as a zero-XML configuration and a typical web-application MVC architecture.

Along with its core, Grails has a plugin architecture and library that can provide developers with common web application features like Security and dynamic UI tools.

Grails 2.0 adds (Not an exhaustive list):

  • Interactive Mode and Console enhancements
  • JVM Reloading Agent (Vs. Class Loaders)
  • New Test Report and Documentation Templates
  • Enhanced Error Reporting and Diagnosis
  • H2 Database and Console
  • Plugin Usage Tracking
  • Dependancy Resolution Improvements
  • Groovy 1.8 Support
  • HTML5 Scaffolding
  • jQuery by Default
  • Database Migrations
  • Database Reverse Engineering
  • Unit Test Scaffolding

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