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This is not groovy per se, but the testing framework called Spock (which is very popular among Groovy developers, for good reasons :-) - http://spockframework.github.io/spock/docs/1.0/index.html This expression in particular is a way to instruct Spock that it should expect exactly one call to the method prova in myService, and that this call should be ...


What do you mean by the grails / hibernate session? If you really mean the Hibernate session, adding an object to it will provoke the object to be saved automatically when the session is flushed (unless the object doesn't validate, in that case it will be lost once the session is discarded). A session is created and discared per request. If you mean the ...


You can model criterias against associations (regardless of their cardinalitiy) by invoking them as a method that receives a closure with the criterias inside. For the query you posted it'd be: Package.createCriteria().get { eq('packageScope', scope) orgs { and { eq('roleType', roleType) eq('org', provider) } } }


You can use below code to get list of object. def listOfPackage = Package.createCriteria().list { eq('packageScope', scope) orgs { and { eq('roleType', roleType) eq('org', provider) } } }


Get rid of the line: println "Bank Keys +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"+bankKeys If you're returning JSON, that has to be the only thing in the response. If you put a plain text line before it, Javascript won't be able to parse the JSON. In the Javascript, you need to create <option> elements for the array elements: $.each(json, ...


It seems you are using Basic Auth to authenticate (see how to set basic auth in curl and the client's section for Basic Auth in the Wikipedia). Apache's Http Client offers authentication handling for you, but in this case it seems easier to just create the header manually: Request addBasicAuthHeader(String username, String password) { return ...

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