Grails is a coding-by-convention framework that leverages well-established frameworks (, , ) to allow programmers to quickly develop web applications.

It touts features such as a zero-XML configuration and a typical web-application architecture.

Grails applications are mainly written in , a dynamic language with strong interoperability with Java and features similar to other languages , , and

Along with its core, Grails has a plugin architecture and library that can provide developers with common web application features like and dynamic UI tools.

Recent release (as of September 2013) of Grails (v 2.3.0) includes various features:

  • Complete REST support
  • Async Programming APIs
  • Dependency Management with Aether
  • Forked Execution Everywhere
  • XSS Prevention
  • Rewritten Data Binding
  • Hibernate 4 Support
  • Loads of smaller, useful features!

Version History:

Related tags:

  • GORM - Grails object relational mapping implementation, backed by Hibernate
  • GSP - Groovy Server Pages, the Grails template mechanism
  • Groovy - The programming language Grails uses

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