The graphics tag should be assigned to questions about constructing, displaying and manipulating visual presentations.



  • How to turn raw data into a bitmap?
  • How to generate a chart, how to draw using vectors?
  • How to load a .3ds file and display the model?


  • How to display a large bitmap scaled down?
  • How to use an image as a texture for a control?
  • How to ray-trace voxel data?


  • How to modify images using common effects such as filters?
  • How to create animations?


  • How to draw using a paint program?
  • How to take a picture when there is not enough light?
  • How to scan a pencil drawing?
  • What graphics card should I buy?

Computer Graphics

Most graphics questions on Stack Overflow that will be about computer graphics. Although most displays use pixels to display graphics, in the software there are two main graphic types: raster/bitmap graphics and vector graphics.


Free Graphics Programming Books

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