Greasemonkey is a userscript manager for Firefox. Userscripts are written in JavaScript, and run in every page as specified by the @include, @exclude, and @match rules.

Greasemonkey also permits special operations that ordinary javascript is not allowed to do. See the Greasemonkey API.

Userscripts are also available to other browsers; see the tag wiki of .
Important: Please use only if you are running the Firefox browser and/or using the add-on.
For all others, use , if it applies, or .

Premade userscripts:

Premade userscripts can be found at:

  • Userscripts.org -- Oldest and most extensive, but plagued with spam and reliability problems as of Spring 2014.
  • Greasy Fork -- New site by trusted developer Jason Barnabe, with open-source on GitHub.
  • OpenUserJS.org -- Another new site founded to pick up the slack as Userscripts.org seems to be mostly offline.
  • StackApps -- Stack Exchange's own site has many userscripts to enhance the Stack Overflow and Stack exchange experience.
  • Wikipedia-specific scripts at Wikipedia


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