Use the Greasemonkey tag if you are using Firefox. Use the Tampermonkey tag if you are using Tampermonkey on Chrome. For all other userscripts, please use the "userscripts" tag. Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on that allows you to enhance the way webpages work, by running javascript (with enhanced privileges) on websites that you specify.

GreasemonkeyMain add-on page is a userscript manager for Firefox. Userscripts are written in JavaScript, and run in every page as specified by the @include, @exclude, and @match rules.

Greasemonkey also permits special operations that ordinary javascript is not allowed to do. See the Greasemonkey API.

Userscripts are also available on/for other browsers; see the tag wiki of .
Important: Please use only if you are running the Firefox browser and/or using the add-on.
For all others, use , if it applies, or .

Premade userscripts:

Premade userscripts can be found at:


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