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I think the method you are looking for is openSprints() it only works with JIRA Agile 6.5 or higher. //* EDIT: Greenhopper got renamed to JIRA Agile *// The method definition is: Search for issues that are assigned to a Sprint which has not yet been completed. (Note that it is possible for an issue to belong to both a completed Sprint(s) and an ...


I opened a ticket at Atlassian and they replied with the following: According to our article on Getting Agile Ready with Atlassian OnDemand: JIRA permissions — Your users need to have the following permissions: Creating/Linking pages to an epic: Requires 'Edit Issues' permission. Creating/Linking pages to an sprint/sprint report: Requires ...


I think you can add the Epic Link field to an edit screen for the issue in question and then edit the issue as usual in JIRA, not JIRA Agile

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