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Your implementation walks through the same cells again and again. You need depth(distance)-limited BFS (breadth-first-search) at this grid. To implement it, just add array for cell marks. When you once mark cell as visited, don't go on it more.


We have a really hard time to understand what you want to achieve. At the moment, there are two possibilities: Possibility 1: You want a grid corresponding to values of x and y in 0.1 increments between -1.0 and 1.0 that tells us whether this grid point is inside or outside a circle of radius 1. Here's an example of what such a program might look like, and ...


Separate your transactions from the items into two separate tables. Use the transaction ID as a foreign key in the items-purchased table. That is: Remove the column name from your existing table Create a new table with name and Id Insert just one row into your existing table with a unique Id Insert multiple rows into the new table with the same Id and ...

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