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Based on your updates from the comments and the update data, you could do (assuming your data is stored in a data.frame called dd) dd$wave <- with(dd, ave(week, user_id, FUN=function(x) {x-min(x)+1})) Here we use ave to look at each user separately, then we take the different from the first week they have a value to every other to calculate the wave ...


For the old dataset, if dat is the dataset. with(dat, ave(week, user_id, FUN=function(x) { if(!any(diff(x)>1)) NA else x-(x[1]-1)})) #[1] 1 2 4 1 2 4 1 4 NA NA Update Using new dataset, if you want to use other options library(dplyr) dat%>% group_by(user_id)%>% mutate(wave=week-week[1]+1)

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