GNU Guile is the GNU project's official plugin infrastructure. It is intended to be plugged into applications through libguile, but can also be run as a standalone Scheme interpreter.

Guile has a few front-end languages:

  • Scheme, supporting R5RS fully and some of R6RS (the default)
  • EmacsLisp
  • ECMAScript, which has some implementation, but is not completed
  • Lua, which is planned but as of yet nonexistant

Guile has support for modules outside of the core system, which allow for things that are either at SRFI status, or not implemented in Guile's core. See the list of included modules for exactly what the bundled modules do.

Guile has extensive documentation which is hosted here. It contains details on both embedding Guile into applications as well as its features at the language level.

There is also a tutorial that explains step-by-step how to use guile in a straightforward Logo-like ("turtle graphics") application.

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