GZipStream is a .NET 2.0+ class for compression and decompression using gzip format.

GZipStream is a .NET 2.0+ class for compression and decompression using gzip format., while including a redundancy check value for detecting data corruption. Compressed GZipStream object written to a .gz file can be decompressed using WinZip, 7zip, etc, but GZipStream does NOT provide functionality for adding or extracting files from .zip archives.

The compression functionality in DeflateStream and GZipStream is exposed as a stream. Data is read in on a byte-by-byte basis, so it is not possible to perform multiple passes to determine the best method for compressing entire files or large blocks of data. The DeflateStream and GZipStream classes are best used on uncompressed sources of data. If the source data is already compressed, using these classes may actually increase the size of the stream.

//Path to directory of files to compress and decompress.
string dirpath = @"c:\users\public\reports";

DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(dirpath);

// Compress the directory's files.
foreach (FileInfo fi in di.GetFiles()){

public static void Compress(FileInfo fi){
  // Get the stream of the source file.
  using (FileStream inFile = fi.OpenRead())
    // Prevent compressing hidden and already compressed files.
    if ((File.GetAttributes(fi.FullName) & FileAttributes.Hidden)
       != FileAttributes.Hidden & fi.Extension != ".gz")
      // Create the compressed file.
      using (FileStream outFile=File.Create(fi.FullName + ".gz"))
          using (GZipStream Compress=new GZipStream(outFile,CompressionMode.Compress))
              // Copy the source file into the compression stream.
              Console.WriteLine("Compressed {0} from {1} to {2} bytes.",
                  fi.Name, fi.Length.ToString(), outFile.Length.ToString());


Do not confuse with that is a Java class.

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