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To delete the chat history of particular person with whom you chat Step 1 : click on Options Step 2 : turn off hangout history It will not delete your past messages but in future whenever you will chat with that person, it will never keep record of chat messages.


I send alarms and other notifications with a python script (failures on database server, partitions without free space, etc), using hangouts. It's easy. Look at http://www.administracion-linux.com/2014/07/enviar-mensajes-por-hangout-desde.html to send hangouts.


I would recommend using the API, but I believe you will need to create an account for your bot anyways. If you like Java, you should take a look at their quickstart example : https://github.com/googleplus/gplus-quickstart-java


Google calendar will popup notices on your phone. You could just share the calendar with your roommate, and skip the hangout notices altogether


Any preference for the language used to code in? My immediate thought is to tie into the google calendar for a tasklist and have an app read from that via rest. Then post to the correct hangout (again via rest is probably simplest): you can use Fiddler to find what is being done to post to hangouts, or look through here for an API oriented way to do it. ...


Well, that was simple enough. I just had to host the widget on my server and use that as the iframe src.


ANSWER Thanks to Gerwin Sturm: Your problem seems to be that with the Hangout App running inside of an iframe hosted on Google servers your server refuses to send content to this different domain. Two possible solution: 1) Set the headers on your server to allow cross-origin request. In your php script you should be able to do this by calling ...


There are no such opensource projects. All project like that go commercial after show something valuable.

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