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Well, I figured it out. The problem was not with the hashbang itself. I am parsing url in the back end to provide config e.t.c One of the params and only one mandatory is Language. Hovewer due to the hashbang redirect it was stripped out and system tryied to force default language in the url.


There seems no client-side answer as per the answer of Sergiu Paraschiv. So I have investigated a server-side solution that requires only one thing on the client. Make sure you always links as you would do in html5Mode which is linking to /xxxxx and not /#!/xxxxx. Then In html5Mode and IE9 and lower what happens is that AngularJS redirects everything /xxxxx ...


Just to be clear: this won't send the hashbang on the main page request. Based on the HTTP specifications there is no way of doing that. You can send it on subsequent AJAX requests, but this won't really help you with solving this problem. There is no solution other than not supporting browsers that don't support html5mode. Browsers won't send the hashbang ...


If I am understanding correctly, you want to do a location change to the new page and then scroll to a given area on the page with a clean URL? If so, this could be done with a URL Rewrite in .htaccess (or similar config) and a bit of JavaScript to determine where you should be on the page: .htaccess For example, this would pass all requests to ...


What's a "hashbang"? Do you mean "#"? If so, then it's pretty much THE normal and "clean" way to link to a specific section of a page. That's why it was invented in the first place. Anything else is hackery.

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