Haxe is an open source, multiplatform programming language that allows developers to target Flash, JavaScript, NekoVM, C++ and PHP using the same syntax. Experimental support for C# and Java is included in the latest Haxe versions.

Haxe includes a set of common functionality that is supported across all platforms, such as numeric data types, text, arrays, binary and some common file formats. Haxe also includes platform-specific API, but as of 2013, it only supports a subset of the functionality available in each platform, with only the Flash platform API fully usable. Haxe can also compile to Neko code, which runs in the Neko runtime created by the same developer.

Haxe was developed by Nicolas Cannasse and other contributors, and is backed by the Haxe Foundation. It was named Haxe because it was short, simple, and "has an X inside", which the author humorously asserts is necessary to make any new technology a success. Haxe is pronounced "hex" /heks/, although many community members pronounce it "hacks".

With /, Haxe can target , , , , and mobile platforms like , and from a single code base.

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