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Many processors do have 128-bit SIMD registers (e.g., x86 SSE registers, ARM Neon registers, MIPS SIMD Architecture registers); x86 AVX extends SSE registers to 256 bits and AVX-512 doubles the size again. However, there are other reasons for desiring larger alignments. As you guessed, cache behavior is one motive for using larger alignments. Aligning a ...


Here are the alignments I have used: SSE: 16 bytes AVX: 32 bytes cache-line: 64 bytes page: 4096 bytes SSE and AVX both offer load and store instructions which require alignment to 16 bytes for SSE or 32 bytes for AVX. E.g. SSE: _mm_load_ps() and _mm_store_ps() AVX: _mm256_load_ps() and _mm256_store_ps() However, they ...

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