What is Hobo – the details

Hobo is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that brings a number of extensions—some small some large—to Rails application development. The common theme to these extensions is rapid development.

Like Rails itself, Hobo encapsulates a number of opinions about web application development. The opinion that is most central to Hobo is this: we have found that there is a great deal of similarity from one web application to the next. Much more similarity in fact, than is supported by today’s frameworks. We would rather implement this stuff once.

Of course this approach is common to all frameworks—everything that Rails provides is there because many or all web applications will need it: database connectivity, session management, working with HTTP, etc. etc. The difference with Hobo is that we are trying to take this idea to a much higher level than is normally expected from a web framework. The ultimate goal is: don’t program your application, just declare it.

Because Hobo might do a lot more than you have come to expect from a web framework, it can be difficult to get a handle on what Hobo actually is. For example, it seems that a lot of people see Hobo as the same kind of tool as something like Active Scaffold. It is not. The only way to really get an understanding of how Hobo can speed up your web application development is to use it. But to help you get started, here’s a brief summary of the main features you’ll find in Hobo...

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