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Convert your image to HSL color space (see, for example, RGB value to HSL converter) and then build the histogram the same way you would do it for an RGB image.


Try using getrgb function from ImageColor module: myImage.putpixel((2, 2), ImageColor.getrgb(hsl_String)) You can add alpha value like this: alpha = 255 myImage.putpixel((2, 2), ImageColor.getrgb(hsl_String) + (alpha, ))


For all who said that Garry Tan solution converting incorrect from RGB to HSL and back. It because he left out fraction part of number in his code. I corrected his code (javascript). Sorry for link on russian languadge, but on english absent - HSL-wiki function toHsl(r, g, b) { r /= 255.0; g /= 255.0; b /= 255.0; var max = Math.max(r, g, b); ...

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