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Yes, you can have an img element as content of an h1 element. Yes, it makes sense to have the img-logo as h1 (in case it belongs to the body sectioning root, like it does in your example). If your site doesn’t show a separate textual name, you definitely should do this. Otherwise, the document outline could be wrong (if you don’t use sectioning elements ...


Most of the time, you'd want to wrap the image in an anchor, which also has a title... See This answer and This answer. Maybe they were just nervous about the lack of a proper anchor? The img tag is entirely legitimate.


Important: The article you've referenced is old and out of date. hgroup, for example, was dropped from the HTML5 specification over a year ago. You should ideally try to find more updated resources. That said, as you only have one element contained within it, your header wrapper here isn't really needed at all. You can drop it altogether and apply your ...

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