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here is a code pen here is the code they are using //--star animation var canvas = document.getElementById("maincanvas"); var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"); var stars = []; var colours = ["white"]; canvas.width = document.body.clientWidth; canvas.height = document.body.clientHeight; var centre = new Vector2(canvas....


This effect makes use of html5 Canvas which provides an array of pixels which can be manipulated by code. In particular they are using the Commercial Particle Slider plugin for the image decomposition: along with custom code for the star-field, as you can see in the previous answer. In this specific example, this is actually a ...


You can't. The browser will load the SVG and render it as a bitmap. All you have then is the Image() / HTMLImageElement. The actual SVG is gone by that point. You would need to load the SVG separately. There are various ways to do that, eg. with AJAX, or create an <object> element in your DOM.

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