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you have 2 javax.faces. jars in classpath according to your first screenshot. Please remove ONE of the faces jars in your classpath.


It seems that adding org.icefaces.subtreeDiff=false to web.xml solves the problem.


I had a similar issue but with ICEFaces 4. In my case, the image would display next to the button. I guess, I could have styled the button in CSS. Instead I just replaced the ace:pushButton element with standard JSF h:commandButton component. The h:commandButton has an image attribute. Here is an example: <h:commandButton ...


This causes page to crash saying <div> is not properly closed You can trick this with passing escaped XML through <h:outputText escape="false">. <h:outputText value="&lt;div class=&quot;row-fluid&quot;&gt;" escape="false" rendered="#{vs.index mod 2 eq 0}" /> <div class="span4"></div> <h:outputText ...

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