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So I've finally found the cause of the problem. I have BitDefender anti virus installed on the computer which for some strange reason it is causing this behavior. As mentioned in the original post I did try disabling it but that didn't work. I had to completely uninstall the software :( Waste of time :(


Start your application from the command prompt with dnx web or dnx-watch web, or select VS2015 todo so. Watch the console window for any errors. HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway You will see these errors only on your screen if you use dnx web. I also got this error. and it was caused by a bug in EF. You can get this error if IIS express can't communicate ...


Nothing worked for me until I found iisexpress-proxy. Open command prompt as administrator, then run npm install -g iisexpress-proxy then isexpress-proxy 51123 to 81 assuming your Visual Studio project opens on localhost:51123 and you want to access on external IP address x.x.x.x:81 Edit: just mention that it works great with noip.com


I would post a comment but my reputation is too low, in the past I've had this problem when the server sent back an http redirect and the http library automatically sent back my request without the custom header data. I think the request or response object will have a uri field if this happens, you can also disable automatic redirection handling. I ended up ...


I have the exact same behavior. So far, this seems to have fixed it: In the applicationhost.config of IISExpress (%userprofile%\My Documents\IISExpress\config), under <system.webServer>, I had a caching disabled, but not kernel caching. Here is what I have now: <caching enabled="false" enableKernelCache="false"> </caching> So far, it ...


In App_Start\WebApiConfig.cs, remove config.EnableSystemDiagnosticsTracing(); Simple as that :facepalm:


Easily solved solved 1: open vs as an administrator 2: right click project and click on unload project 3: again right click project and click on open edit.... csproj 4: find the code below and delete it $ <DevelopmentServerPort>63366</DevelopmentServerPort> <DevelopmentServerVPath>/</DevelopmentServerVPath> ...


Well, the problem was located inside IIS Express settings. I'll post this answer and shall add "VS 2015" tag into question, because it might be helpful. Thanks to @swiley, WireShark and npcap (the last is needed to capture loopback interface traffic via WireShark). Inspecting response headers, that were sent to web browser, I've found, that 401 responses ...


Right, no sooner as I had posted this question I figured out the problem. Visual Studio 2015 doesn't use the global configuration file detailed above by default. It creates a solution specific version under the solution directory structure here: <solution_dir>\.vs\config\applicationhost.config Or you can add: ...

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