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Recycling a IIS Application pool will restart the w3wp.exe. After recycling everything will be reset and you will have a new instance of Cache : one instance of Cache for each application pool instance. By the way, when you recycle your application pool, IIS will : start a new application pool : a new w3wp.exe will start wait for the new application pool ...


Change the IIS 8.5 settings in error page for 500 internal server error to Detailed error message instead of Detailed errors for local requests and Custom error pages for remote requests. I hope this can resolve.


In order: Per the documentation, the one in the HTML page overrides one delivered by the web server. Another piece of documentation shows how to specify multiple document mode values: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7,9,10" > Per the previous documentation citation, the highest supported mode specified by the content value wins. ...

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