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since the image is not above or in a directory branched from above you should be able to access it just using a relative path "Content/image.png" using / infers root directory ./ is parent ../ is parent parent etc.


In my case I kept getting a 403.14 after I had setup the correct rewrite rules. It turns out that I had a directory that was the same name as one of my URL routes. Once I removed the IsDirectory rewrite rule my routes worked correctly. Is there a case where removing the directory negation may cause problems? I can't think of any in my case. The only case I ...


You got this error because there are too many URL segments in the request. Check this: http://www.iis.net/learn/extensions/introduction-to-iis-express/iis-80-express-readme IIS 8.0 Express returns an HTTP 404.20 error for Too Many URL Segments. UPDATE: Follow the site below to change the limit of URL segments count.(The default value is ...

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