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The only way this would happen is if you call Guice.createInjector() on the same module instance inside the configure method. It won't happen if you call it at object construction as you do in your example. Here's code that will reproduce that stack trace. class B extends AbstractModule { protected void configure() { } } public class A extends B { ...


Regarding your comment. You need to change your model. Your LaboratoryList should contain only one profile. Change it to: private LaboratoryProfile laboratory_profile; public LaboratoryProfile getLaboratory_profile() { return laboratory_profile; }


change your LaboratoryList class line private ArrayList<LaboratoryProfile> laboratory_profile = new ArrayList<LaboratoryProfile>(); to this private LaboratoryProfile laboratory_profile; and make remove the previous getters and setters with new one .and you are done


Your problem is not with layout. Your problem is with imageViewz. It already has a parent, and that is what is triggering your exception. You need to remove imageViewz from its current parent before you add it to layout.

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