Infragistics is a company that specializes in User Interface (UI) controls and components for .NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, jQuery, ASP, SharePoint, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

Infragistics is a global software company that publishes user interface (UI) development toolsand components for a range of developer applications, across all platforms. The company is also a provider of developer support, testing tools, and UI and User Experience (UX) training and consulting services.

Their products enable developers to create UIs that are the foundation for developing applications with data visualization in line of business applications for platforms that include —Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET and Silverlight as well as jQuery/HTML5, and mobile controls for the Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Applications built with their products include Federal Express' internal shipping control application, Exelon's electric power trading application, and Verizon's Viper application for allocating telecom resources. Additionally, the company has established partnerships with technology and finance corporations, including Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Oracle and Ajilon Finance.

The company, based in Cranbury, NJ, was established in November 2000 when ProtoView Development Corporation and Sheridan Software Systems, Inc. merged. Besides its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey, Infragistics has offices in eight other countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, India, Bulgaria and Uruguay.

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