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If I understood correctly, you want to fill your binary tree in "layers". E.g. you want to put something into depth 4 only if depth 3 is "full binary tree". Then the problem is whole logic of your insert algorithm that is DFS-based. In other words it inserts elements deeper and deeper on the one side instead of building full binary tree on both sides. If ...


Your method returns given node, but your method has to return inserted node which is node.right or node.left


Your best option is to try writetime(column_name). That way you will get the write times of particular columns. You won't get, however, write times of already deleted columns. It's far from what you want, but that's the only possibility.


You can not perform cross database query like SQL Server, PostgreSQL does not support this. DbLink extension of PostgreSQL which is used to connect one database to another database. You have install and configure DbLink to execute cross database query. I have already created step by step script and example for executing cross database query in PostgreSQL. ...


Just wanted to ask the same question found this and did some research. I do not agree with the answer of Ingo. The reason because i and a are not behave like in normal mode in all visual modes is that i and a are used to extend the selection to text objects. As you can see in :help visual-operators: 4. Operating on the Visual area The operators that can be ...

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