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You can get it like so: Random r = new Random(); int generated = r.nextInt(299); // generate 0..299 if(generated >= 124) { generated++; // skip 124 } // now you can send the number Note that this doesn't involve any loops, and will always skip 124 to give value in range [0..300)


33.7 is a decimal value, Int32 only does integers. Use Convert.ToDouble/double.Parse to get a floating point value: double value = double.Parse( p2 ); Or if you really do want it as an integer: int value = (int)double.Parse( p2 ); You'll lose the decimals though.


You're looping until the number is 124. "While !" means "Until" You're also sending the message before doing your loop. What you really want is: public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String commandLabel, String[] args) { final Player player = (Player) sender; if (commandLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("random")) { final ...


use Math.round(value) then after type cast it to integer float a=8.61f; int b=(int)Math.round(a);


use int.TryParse method ! int p = 0; int.TryParse(p2, out p); Also in your code the value is decimal that means you need to call: decimal p = 0; decimal.TryParse(p2, out p) If the format of the string is not number it will return 0 for p. The problem comes from that you are giving wrong format.

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