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You can try this uncommitted kernel patch which emulates CMOV in the kernel. You can install a SIGILL signal handler and emulate the instruction in your program only.


Another approach that will capture the counts of the states $states = rstcli64 --information --volume 2> Out-Null | select-string -Pattern "State:" $notNormalStates = $states | Select-String -Pattern "Normal" -NotMatch if ($state.Count -gt 0 -and $notNormalStates.Count -eq 0){ Write-Host "Everything Ok" } Else { Write-Host "Something Wrong" } ...


Well that's easy enough to do from where you're at. Run a RegEx match or run a -like and see if there are any that -match or -like and look for 'Normal'. Get a count, if the total number of Status -gt 0 and that count -eq the matched count then you're all set. $Status = rstcli64 --information --volume 2> Out-Null | select-string -Pattern "State:" ...


In order to use the feature you just need to have the SDK installed on your system. To create a new Empty OpenCL project template: Go to: File > New > Project... Look for OpenCL group under Templates\Visual C++ section and select Empty OpenCL Project for Windows Once project created you can add a new OpenCL Code File (Project > Add New Item... > OpenCL > ...

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