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This was an interesting one. It's because getc is made threadsafe version at the point when the queue is instantiated and so the time increase is the grab-release cycle of the locks - I'm not sure why/how this occurs but that is the decisive point on the AMD OpenCL SDK with intel CPUs. I was quite amazed I had essentially the same times as OP. ...


Flash can always be used to put static assets for your application, including microblaze program, configuration options, image, sound, etc. Most importantly, the fpga bitstream must resides on flash. All current xilinx fpgas are SRAM based and loose their content at poweroff. You need a non-volatile flash to store the bitstream, which is loaded at poweron ...


I believe that the effect is caused by the OpenCL objects still being in scope, and therefore not being deleted before the for loop. They may be affecting the other computation because of considerations needed. For example, running the example as you gave it yields the following times on my system (g++ 4.2.1 with O2 on Mac OSX): CL: 0.012s Loop: 14.447s ...


In x86 land, page directories and page tables together provide the mapping between virtual addresses (memory addresses used by applications) and physical addresses (where the memory currently lives physically in RAM, or not). A page is simply a contiguous chunk of memory. x86 (32-bit) supports 3 sizes of pages: 4MB, 2MB, and 4KB, with the latter being the ...


In order to run the emulator you have to use ARM image, because your PC doesn't support HAXM Create a new AVD(Android Virtual Device) and on creation select image that uses ARM(such as armeabi-v7) so it will be emulated on your PC. Here's picture of image selection If you don't have any arm images installed, you can download one from SDK manager


In this case you can download and use ARM images that do not need hardware virtualization instead of using x86 system images. Need to tell you that ARM images will be very slow compared to x86 images. You can download ARM image of respective APIs by selecting this option.

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