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I bet the above does not work with SquidGuard after June 23, 2015 "On 23 June 2015 the Google search services will move all search results behind SSL encryption. This means that all search results will then be served using 'https', with the secure padlock shown in web browsers." Many schools and business are so pissed off they are now using: "'SSL ...


The onTouchEvents() for nested view groups can be managed by the boolean onInterceptTouchEvent. The default value for the OnInterceptTouchEvent is false. The parent's onTouchEvent is received before the child's. If the OnInterceptTouchEvent returns false, it sends the motion event down the chain to the child's OnTouchEvent handler. If it returns true the ...


The documentation says: Please note that you must provide the constant if you want one. which would lead me to believe that one can simply omit the constant term if it is not wanted. But, in that case, the module croaks: t.pl::Statistics::Regression:new: Cannot run a regression without at least two variables. I have a long-held belief that, for ...


Use classList property to bind more than one class at a time var container = document.getElementById("table"); container.classList.add("row", "oddrow", "firstrow");


Figured out a way to store only the final and initial values by using a boolean operator as follows (continued from the code in the question) : define bool change = true; ...(rest of the program)... if(radial >= r_min && radial <= r_max) { z_comp = zn[k] + u * ns_uz[k]; if (z_comp >= -z_c && z_comp <= z_c) if ...


<security:intercept-url pattern="/**" access="hasRole('enabled') and hasRole('view')" />

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