Windows Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is a version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft that is a successor to Internet Explorer 9.

IE10 adds improved support for CSS3 (multi-column layout, grid layout, flexible box layout, gradients, 3D transforms, device adaptation, text shadow, SVG Filter Effects), HTML5 (Drag and Drop, File API, Sandbox, Web Workers), JavaScript (ES5 strict mode, cross-origin resource sharing, typed arrays), and web standards ("Do Not Track").

IE10 is available with two different user interface versions: Modern UI (default on Windows 8) and standard. The Modern UI version will not support browser plug-ins.

For more information on developing for IE10 see IE10 Guide for Developers.

For differences between IE10 and IE10 on Windows Phone see the Web development for Windows Phone guide.

For design recommendations and technical differences between IE10 and IE10 on Xbox One see the Internet Explorer for Xbox One Developer Guide

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