Windows Internet Explorer 7 is a web browser developed by Microsoft, released October 2006 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) followed Internet Explorer 6. It was offered as a replacement for the previous browser.

HTML and CSS Parsing Gotchas

  • position:relative; display:inline-block; emulates z-index:auto. Use a wrapper div to workaround this behavior

  • position:relative creates a new stacking context. Use position:static and negative margins to workaround this behavior

  • Comments between selectors will cause CSS parsing to fail:

    body > /**/ .dude, x:-webkit-any-link { color:red; }

  • Comments between HTML elements will cause :first-child to fail:


  • Using :hover on a class selector also applies it to any sibling hyperlinks:

    .dude:hover { color:red; }

    <span class="dude"></span>

    <a href="#">dude</a>

  • Every other(odd child) br element within an element whose letter-spacing is a length value will be ignored

  • Positioning in JavaScript fails when display is none or width and height are 0

  • 1px dotted borders are rendered as dashed if any of its 4 sides has a different border-width

  • Ems are buggy when used for font sizing

  • If margin-top or margin-bottom are auto, the computed value is 0

  • auto is buggy for absolute positioning

  • Negative margins need position relative

  • <label> tags need the for attribute

  • <q> does not display quotation marks

  • Clicking an image nested inside a label element does not work in IE7 and IE8

  • list-style:none does not reset list-style-image:url(foo.jpg) replaced elements; use list-style-image:url() or list-style-image:none to do the reset instead

  • :link,:visited,:hover background-color styling does not work for hyperlinked images

  • A form with 1 input for text and 1 input for a submit button will only post the input text value and not the submit value when the user hits the Enter key from the input text

  • A button element with a text node POSTs the text as part of the value field, so use input type=button instead

  • visibility:hidden causes absolutely positioned elements to ignore their relatively positioned parent

  • width:0; height:0; is inherited by children of block elements


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