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Are these products combinations and if so do they contain one attribute or more than one? Do you have any modules that are overriding the OrderInvoice class? Check in override--classes--order. I would probably start in classes--order--OrderInvoice.php. The Invoices are created using this class and I believe they use the method getProducts to loop through ...


When a payment is cancelled in Paypal, it will create a credit memo automatically. The status assigned to a refund order within Magento is usually "closed".


I've created a sample PHP Class which creates Invoice in Zoho Invoice using Zoho Invoice API v3. You can find it on GitHub. /** * Sends the actual request to the REST webservice */ protected function sendRequest($url, $data, $type = 'POST') { $jsonData = json_encode($this->urlencode_array($data)); if ($type == 'POST') { $ch = ...


You might want to look into Reference Transactions. They work with Express Checkout or Payments Pro, and you basically just use DoReferenceTransaction to process future payments using data that PayPal has stored in their system. You just pass in the transaction ID of a previous authorization or sale transaction, along with a new amount to process, and it ...


you need to create credit memo for that order by going to order view page and on top you will find one button called credit memo After generating credit memo your product inventory will go back to catalog. Brief Regarding Credit Memo After an order has been paid and invoiced, all of the order, or a portion of it, can be refunded by issuing a credit ...


I think your best option is to denormalize the invoice table. The advantages of normalization is that changes "ripple" through out your model. But you don't want that to happen with your invoice. So remove the navigation properties to everything you don't want to affect the invoice indirectly and create a field inside the invoice for each value you want to ...


That's not the full log. Check var/log for the complete stack trace. Anyway, "Softprodigy_Gif.." is a custom extension installed on your Magento and one of its "total models" should extend from the Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Total_Abstract. Fast solution, disable that module and see if everything works. Further steps might be taken afterwards.

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