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If you get this, the app has installed on your device. You have to tap the icon. It will ask you if you really want to run it. Say “yes” and then Build & Run again.


You're not describing scale-to-fit; you're describing aspect-fit. (I have edited your question in this regard.) The subview becomes as large as possible while maintaining its aspect ratio and fitting entirely inside its parent. Anyway, you can do this with auto layout. You can do it entirely in IB as of Xcode 5.1. Let's start with some views: The ...


I had the same issue. My solution was as follows: iOS Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard Uncheck "Connect Hardware Keyboard" Mine was checked because I was using my mac keyboard, but if you make sure it is unchecked the iPhone keyboard will always come up.


Go to the iOS Simulator menu and select Reset Content and Settings. Alternatively, you could quit and reopen the Simulator.


I just tested it for you, Swift applications compile into standard binaries and can be run on OS X 10.9 and iOS 7. Simple Swift application used for testing: func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: NSDictionary?) -> Bool { self.window = UIWindow(frame: UIScreen.mainScreen().bounds) var ...


They didn't forget. They just moved it without telling anyone. Click File -> New -> File Select Objective-C file under Sources in iOS or Mac OS respectively and Click Next Now under File Type: choose either Category, Protocol, or Extension PS. Under File Name: whatever you type here will be either the Category, Protocol, or Extension Name.


Had same problem. Clearing derived data folder solved the issue for me. In Xcode goto Window->Organizer->Projects select your project and press delete button next to Derived data. If this doesn't work, you can try to do a Product->Clean (Cmd+Shift+k).


The iPhone 6+ renders internally using @3x assets at a virtual resolution of 2208×1242 (with 736x414 points), then samples that down for display. The same as using a scaled resolution on a Retina MacBook — it lets them hit an integral multiple for pixel assets while still having e.g. 12 pt text look the same size on the screen. So, yes, the launch ...


iOS introduces the layoutMargins property on cells AND table views. This property isn't available in iOS 7.0 so you need to make sure you check before assigning it! However, Apple has added a **property to your cell that will prevent it from inheriting your Table View's margin settings. This way, your cells can configure their own margins independently of ...


I had this problem when I used a Distribution certificate instead of Developer one when running the app from Xcode. You may check it out your target --> Build Settings --> Code signing.


Update 3: This warning can also be triggered by labels that have numberOfLines set to anything but 1 if your deployment target is set to 7.1. This is completely reproducible with new single-view project. Steps to Reproduce: Create a new single-view, objective-c project Set the Deployment Target to 7.1 Open the project's storyboard Drop a label onto the ...


More than one binary may be uploaded to iTunesConnect if the the Build number (Select the Target, then Xcode -> General -> Build, see the picture below) is increased by adding .1, i.e. if the version is 3.75, then increase it to: 3.75.1, but the Version is still `3.75 for the App (also in iTunesConnect). The build number just has to be unique for each binary ...


Without the question if it is proper or not, you can add PCH file manually: Add new PCH file to the project: New file > Other > PCH file. At the Target's Build Settings option, set the value of Prefix Header to your PCH file name, with the project name as prefix (i.e. for project named TestProject and PCH file named MyPrefixHeaderFile, add the value ...


Make sure you have only one iOS Simulator instance running in the Dock.


ingconti is right. Upload your app.plist to dropbox. Get shared link of app.plist, like https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgknrfngaxazm38/app.plist replace www.dropbox.com with dl.dropboxusercontent.com in the link, like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/qgknrfngaxazm38/app.plist Remove any parameters on the dropbox shareable link such as "?dl=0t" (as per Carlos ...


While testing in the ios8 beta simulator, you may toggle between the "software keyboard" and "hardware keyboard" with ⌘K.


Do the following steps to resolve the issue In Storyboard, select any view, then go to the File inspector. Uncheck the "Use Size Classes", you will ask to keep size class data for: iPhone/iPad. And then Click the "Disable Size Classes" button. Doing this will make the storyboard's view size with selected device.


I use dispatch_after so often that I wrote a top-level utility function to make the syntax simpler: func delay(delay:Double, closure:()->()) { dispatch_after( dispatch_time( DISPATCH_TIME_NOW, Int64(delay * Double(NSEC_PER_SEC)) ), dispatch_get_main_queue(), closure) } And now you can talk like this: ...


I think this is due to a bug in the iOS8 Beta Simulator. The expected behavior is that when the app is deleted, the NSUserDefaults for that app are deleted as well. However, NSUserDefaults are NOT deleted when you remove an app from the simulator. They are correctly deleted when you delete them from a physical device running iOS8. A quick and annoying ...


On iPad the activity view controller will be displayed as a popover using the new UIPopoverPresentationController, it requires that you specify an anchor point for the presentation of the popover using one of the three following properties: barButtonItem sourceView sourceRect In order to specify the anchor point you will need to obtain a reference to the ...


In Swift I am doing it like this, func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: NSDictionary?) -> Bool { // Override point for customization after application launch. if(UIApplication.instancesRespondToSelector(Selector("registerUserNotificationSettings:"))) { ...


What you need to do is just set the ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH to NO (at least works for me). Below is a screenshot for it: EDIT: As far as I know (please point it out if there's something wrong, thanks), if you set ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH to YES, it means the Xcode will only build for the active architecture (which refers to the device that's active in Xcode ...


The simulator directory has been moved with Xcode 6 beta to... ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator Browsing the directory to your app's Documents folder is a bit more arduous, e.g., ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/4D2D127A-7103-41B2-872B-2DB891B978A2/data/Containers/Data/Application/0323215C-2B91-47F7-BE81-EB24B4DA7339/Documents/MyApp.sqlite


Swift code can be deployed to OS X 10.9 and iOS 7.0. It will usually crash at launch on older OS versions.


Set the property clipsToBounds to YES addMessageLabel.clipsToBounds = YES;


I've found you can also just re-export the png's in Preview, but uncheck the Alpha checkbox when saving.


I had the same problem, and since my output with --verbose was different than the linked SO answer, I'm including that response along with a verification that it worked for me: $ pod repo remove master $ pod setup $ pod install


Issue You are missing the initWithCoder method on the destinationViewController that you are trying to present. The initWithCoder method gets called when you instantiate the viewController referring to UIStoryboard like this: Instantiate a viewController in Swift The issue seems to be caused by differing initializer behavior between Swift and ...


Found the fix ! Click on your project > Targets > Select your target > Build Settings > Code Signing Resource Rules Path and add : $(SDKROOT)/ResourceRules.plist


You can add a launch screen file that appears to work for multiple screen sizes. I just added the MainStoryboard as a launch screen file and that stopped the app from scaling. I think I will need to add a permanent launch screen later, but that got the native resolution up and working quickly. In Xcode, go to your target, general and add the launch ...

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