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Here I can add Resolutions and Display Specifications for iphone 6 & 6+ size: iPhone 6+ - Asset Resolution (@3x) - Resolution (1920 x1080)px iPhone 6 - Asset Resolution (@2x) - Resolution (1334 x 750)px iPad Air / Retina iPad (1st & 2nd Generation / 3rd & 4th) - Asset Resolution (@2x) - Resolution (2048 x 1536)px iPad Mini (2nd & 3rd ...


NSString *deviceType = [[UIDevice currentDevice] systemName]; I can assure that the above suggested one will work in iOS 7 and above. I believe it will work in iOS 6 too. But am not sure about that.


As you want the app compatible for iPhones & iPads only but not iPod, I guess you have to set UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities entry (a dictionary) in info.plist file AND the magnetometer key with a value of YES, meaning, only devices that support magnetometer can use the app. I have checked that magnetometer is supported by iPhones & iPads only not by ...

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