isql utility is used to connect to Sybase ASE server via the command prompt window for running scripts or other database related stuffs.

isql is a utility that is being provided by Sybase to connect to the Sybase server. The isql utility can be invoked from the Windows command prompt or in Unix machine. The basic command to connect to a Sybase server via the isql utility is as follows -


Once you enter this in the command prompt you will be visited with a blank command screen with a prompt -


You can now enter sql commands and create scripts with isql and execute them.

The isql utility is located at -

$SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin on UNIX machines and at C:\SYBASE\OCS-12_0\bin\ folder on Windows system.

Some basic problems that database users find with isql utility is that it provides console mode for working in with Sybase databases which is usually not very handy for many database users especially having experience working in Windows. With many handy GUI IDE's available for working with Sybase servers like ASEISQL(free tool), Embarcadero Rapid SQL, Quest TOAD etc the isql utility is lesser used in normal day work. However the utility has some basic characteristics of its own like a script not terminated by the go token can be easily identified while working with isql than any other IDE as isql does not execute a statement until it finds the delimiter token go at the end of the script.

To understand the isql utility more you can visit the Sybase knowledge center site @ -

Sybase Knowledge Center Link to Sybase ASE 15.0 isql utility

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