The maven-jarsigner-plugin is a pretty handy Maven plugin if you want to sign the jar file produced by your Maven artefact build. The plugins documentation does provide several examples for that use case.

But if you want to sign just some jar files in the scope of your Maven build – especially if you need to apply certain include / exclude patterns – than the documentation provides only the configuration options you have to put together to make it work.

The tag defines the directory where the maven-jarsigner-plugin will search for files that do match the include pattern provided by the tags value list. Both and tags do use the same include / exclude patterns used by Ant.

Both and tags are optional if you don’t need and special include / exclude patterns. According to the maven-jarsigner-plugin documentation the default value for the tags value list is the */.?ar pattern which will match all *.jar and also *.war files.

Be aware that the default include pattern does search the given directory and all it’s subdirectories for matching files. While doing so the plugin will follow any symlink in those directories!

Source: http://www.programmers-pain.de/2011/02/09/maven-jarsigner-plugin-sign-multiple-jar-files/

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