Java 8 refers to version 8 (internal number 1.8) of the Java platform, released on 18 March 2014.

Java 8 features the most changes ever to be introduced in a new Java version.

The most important change is the support for lambda expressions, under Project Lambda. This is the driving new feature of Java 8 and It is single largest update ever.

Other features include:

  • a new Date & Time API
  • a new Stream API
  • Project Nashorn, a Javascript runtime which allows developers to embed JavaScript code within applications
  • a standard API for performing Base64 Encoding / Decoding
  • stronger integration with JavaFX
  • Annotations on Java types

Although it was initially advertised to be launched in September 2013, the release was pushed to March 2014 due to security issues. However, Early Access Releases have been available since September 2013 and Release Candidate Releases are available since February 2014. The GA release is available for download from Oracle's download page since 18 March 2014.

More details on how Java 8 continues to evolve can be found on the official website and on the JDK8 mailing list.

Please keep in mind that the General Availability version of Java 8 doesn't run on Windows XP.

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