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You have some options: Asynchronous beans. These are vendor-specific, as you mention. commonj is just barely not vendor-specific. As far as I know, it was only implemented by IBM WebSphere Application Server and BEA WebLogic. The API was effectively superseded by Concurrency Utilities for Java EE, which is really the best choice. EJB @Asynchronous ...


JavaEE7 has the managed executor, that you can try. You can spawn a task with it, and recieve managed callbacks in a handler. This is part of EE standard and should be platform agnostic. See JDoc here:


I think that is not possible with JAX-RS. You should encapstulate the name and quantity in a Parameter Object. Then your method should accept a list of parameters: @POST @Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public String returnItemLookup(List<Parameter> parameters) { ... } Your JSON should look like this: { "parameters": [ { ...


In EL, Lambda support was introduced in EL 3.0 and this is fully independent from the JRE/JDK where Lambda support was only introduced in Java SE 8. Lambda in EL 3.0 works even when using Java SE 6/7. But, EL 3.0 itself is part of Java EE 7, not Java EE 6. Java EE 6 only offers EL 2.2 where this feature is not supported and hence this ParseException on an ...

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