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There are two main problems with shipping machine code on the web: Portability. No server can afford providing appropriate machine code for all possible system architectures out there (present and future). E.g., V8 already supports 10 different CPU architectures. Security. No client can afford to run random machine code on their machine without knowing if ...


The way I understand it, the V8 JavaScript engine compiles to machine code anyway so why not just do it beforehand? According to the W3C HTML5 Scripting specification, there's no standards-based reason why a browser couldn't support machine code with special type attributes (as Chrome does with the Dart language): The following lists the MIME type ...


It looks like just thread for me, except that it has its own heap. is there any difference? They are orthogonal, a thread can execute multiple isolates at a time while an isolate can only be executed by one thread at a time. And of course one isolate can be executed by different threads at different times but it's probably not common. An isolate ...


Isolate : We can run several JavaScript functions independently using a single instance of V8.

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