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The accepted answer is a bit outdated. In newer versions it is done by: window.swaggerUi = new SwaggerUi({ ... apisSorter: "alpha", // can also be a function operationsSorter : "method", // can also be 'alpha' or a function });


You don't need to create the ApplicationContext where you need the service. You should be able to configure a global one. Jersey has a module for this that integrates the two frameworks. This allows you to simply @Autowired all your Spring services into your Jersey resource classes. Instead of trying to produce any example, I will just link to the official ...


You don't need to implements the OPTIONS HTTP VERB in this case. Since you're using RESTEasy, which is the JAX-RS implementation used by Wildfly, the issue I encountered was due to the servlet-mapping on web.xml. I have encountered this when I added the JAX-RS facet on Eclipse and tell it to update the web.xml. The default generated web.xml containing the ...


I recommend you to use Spring Controllers and RequestMapping annotations, they are really easy to use: @RequestMapping(value="/method0", method="POST") @ResponseBody public String method0(){ return "method0"; } You dont need to implement OPTIONS methods, just declare your method and use the annotation to define it as a POST/GET/PUT/DELETE request ...

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