The JdbcTemplate class is a key part of the Spring Framework JDBC abstraction. It takes care of opening and closing connections, translating exceptions etc. while offering a simple API to execute SQL commands.

The JdbcTemplate class is the central class in the JDBC core package. It handles the creation and release of resources, which helps you avoid common errors such as forgetting to close the connection. It performs the basic tasks of the core JDBC workflow such as statement creation and execution, leaving application code to provide SQL and extract results. The JdbcTemplate class executes SQL queries, update statements and stored procedure calls, performs iteration over ResultSets and extraction of returned parameter values. It also catches JDBC exceptions and translates them to the generic, more informative, exception hierarchy defined in the org.springframework.dao package.
[Source: Spring Reference -> 13.2.1 JdbcTemplate]

Reference: JdbcTemplate javadocs

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