Atlassian JIRA issue and project-tracking system is used by a number of software companies as well as open source software projects. Atlassian, JIRA's developing company, offers free licenses to open source projects, as well as "$10 Starter Licenses" for 10-user teams where the license fee goes to Room To Read.

JIRA is extensible and a wide range of add-ons (plugins) are offered which extend it and integrate it with a multitude of other products, as well as allowing writing of external code that can be used inside JIRA. Atlassian also provides an option to add and replace JIRA's code itself to support unique requirements and personalization. Written in Java, JIRA readily supports third-party plugins written in the language.

Issue searches within the application are conducted using a simple search form, or for more powerful searches, Atlassian's proprietary JQL (Jira Query Language). JIRA also supports the XML-based Jelly language for automating tasks within the application. Additional languages, such as Groovy, are supported through plugins, and many modern languages can use JIRA's REST API for further development.

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