Java Network Launching Protocol

JNLP stands for Java Network Launch Protocol. It is both the format/file type of the XML based files used to configure the details of apps. launched using Java Web Start, as well as the package name of the API that is provided to JWS apps.

Java Web Start was introduced in Java 1.2, but originally launched applets as free floating entities. Since Java 1.6.0_10 (the Next Generation Java Plug-In), JNLP based applets can remain embedded in a web page.

The JNLP file specifies the resources required for an app., as well as:

  • Splash image to use
  • Shortcuts for the desktop and start menu
  • Icons for the shortcuts
  • Details of the app. such as title and vendor
  • Download and update behavior
  • The security environment requested by the app. (JWS launched apps. are sand-boxed by default).
  • ..

The javax.jnlp package is an API provided to JWS based apps. The JNLP API enables sand-boxed apps. to achieve things that would otherwise not be possible, as well as providing utility methods considered useful to apps. launched over a network. Demos. of the JNLP API are available, along with with source and build file.

The Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) Specification 1.5 Maintenance Release is available for download only. No expansions on the specification were introduced between 1.5 & 1.6, so it is effectively the latest version. The JNLP spec. is a valuable resource that contains information found in no other place.

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