Joyent is [a leading] high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company, offering organizations of any size the best public and hybrid cloud infrastructure for today's demanding real-time web and mobile applications.

Joyent Inc is a software and services company based in San Francisco, California. The company specializes in application virtualization and cloud computing.

JoyentCloud, Joyent’s hosting unit, is designed to compete with Amazon's EC2 cloud and offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) for large enterprises.This hosting business is active in the segment of online social network game, where it provides services to companies such as THQ, Social Game Universe, and Traffic Marketplace. The company also hosted Twitter in its early days. Other customers include LinkedIn, Gilt Groupe, and Kabam.

Joyent uses and supports open source projects, including Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Illumos and SmartOS, which is its own distribution of Illumos, featuring its port of the KVM Hypervisor for abstracting the software from the hardware, DTrace for troubleshooting and systems monitoring, and the ZFS file system to connect servers to storage systems. The company open-sourced SmartOS in August 2011.

Joyent has taken the software stack that evolved over time in the running of their hosted business and is now licensing that software under the name Smart Data Center to large hardware companies such as Dell. —Wikipedia

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