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I believe this is due to both iOS and Android needing the initial play on an HTML5 audio element to be driven by a user click event - this is to prevent pages auto-playing audio. Even though a user has initiated the play, as your actual call to play is inside the AJAX callback, the browser thinks this is not user-driven as the AJAX call could have been ...


jplayer will play swf files but converts them from mp3s, not ogg. You can quickly batch convert an ogg library using the free software Audacity. You do need to dynamically select from two file formats depending on the browser, but jPlayer does this for you. Just install it with both ogg and mp3 (or m4a) and jPlayer will do the rest!


MP3 audios will run good in both libraries but not RTMP live streams because RTMP protocol is flash based streaming. Mobile webapp for iOS and Android will not play rtmp streams. SoundManager 2 RTMP feature (needs Flash player 9): http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/doc/#smsound-serverurl


For me this issue was caused by delaying stylesheets to load. Make sure to have loaded skin styles before initializing the player.

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