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You have to initialize masonry whenever you call any method in masonry Like, $('#masonry').masonry().masonry('destroy'); $('#masonry').masonry().masonry('remove');


If you have the problem images get overlapped, I found the solution at the site below, although it is in Japanese. http://www.webdesignleaves.com/wp/jquery/1340/ The point is use following; $('img.lazy').load(function(){ ... }) HTML <div id="works_list"> <div class="work_item"> <img class="lazy" src="images/dummy.gif" ...


desandro solved this problem: $galleryContainer.imagesLoaded(function() { // check if masonry is initialized var msnry = $galleryContainer.data('masonry'); if ( msnry ) { msnry.reloadItems(); // disable transition var transitionDuration = msnry.options.transitionDuration; msnry.options.transitionDuration = 0; ...

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