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.load already does the .html portion, you don't need to do that yourself. $('#feedback').load('test.htm #body'); Additionally, <body> is removed when you do $("<div>").html("<body></body>"), therefore targeting it by id isn't going to work. Wrap your text in a div with the id="body" <!DOCTYPE html> <html> ...


On hover First in css you need to hide sub menu, like this css ul li ul{ display:none; } js $('ul li').hover(function(){ $('ul',this).css('display','block'); },function(){ $('ul',this).css('display','none'); }); .hover(first parameter, [second parameter]) first parameter take mouse in and second take mouse out which is optional. For both ...


Quotes aren't normally allowed in the :not() selector, since it accepts a selector, not a string. For whatever reason, though, quotes are allowed in jQuery/Sizzle's implementation of :not(). You should remove the \" marks from your selector string for it to work in document.querySelectorAll() (which Zepto appears to call directly, and use exclusively for ...


Not sure I get it, you catch a click on the image like this $('.image-preview img').on('click', function() { }); and then to get the index you'd do $('.image-preview img').on('click', function() { var index = $('.image-preview img').index(this); }); note that it's zero based FIDDLE


This should get you going with .click as someone else gave you a way to get it working with hover. Here's a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/v6X7x/1/ (take a look at the html in the fiddle) Hide the second level menu items with css: .layer2 { display: none; } And finally add a jQuery click event handler which first checks if there is a .layer2, then ...


You could always just filter on parents $('#idthatiknow span').filter(function() { return $(this).closest('p').length === 0; }); FIDDLE Note that it doesn't work on the last one, as a DIV can't be inside a P, so it's moved by the browser.


you can do in two ways: 1) $(".wishlist-icon").click(function() { if($(this).attr('data-wish-name') == "product") { $(this).hide(); } }); 2) $(".wishlist-icon").click(function() { if($(this).data('wish-name') == "product") { $(this).hide(); } });

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