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JSF 1.2 doesn't support <h:outputStylesheet> nor #{resource}. Those are JSF 2.x only. Use <link> and hardcode the url() paths. Beware: many many things were done differently and awkwardly in the jurassic JSF 1.x. If possible, migrate it to JSF 2.x as soon as possible. See also Migrating from JSF 1.2 to JSF 2.0. If not possible, make sure that ...


Updating the answer as you changed the question. If you want to use custom object as key in HashMap, you have to override hashCode() and equals() method in your custom object. here is the example of how to do that . Previous answer for checking size of list in jsp ( original question.) Try using ${fn:length(myItem.value)} to check list size. For this ...

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